Picking Up What Pets Leave Behind

Are you tired of smelling or stepping in the bombs your pet leaves behind? Picking up after your pet is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Did you know that some pets, depending on the breed, can leave behind hundreds of pounds of poo per month? That’s a lot of poo and a lot of work.

At Lone Wolf Pools, we are already in your backyard, so we can save you the time and energy of picking up after your beloved pet.

Easy, Convenient & Affordable Poop Clean Up Services for Pet Parents

  • Front Yard Waste Removal
  • Back Yard Waste Removal
  • Side or Surrounding Areas Removal (where applicable)
  • Full Collection, Removal, and Immediate Disposal
  • Disposal of ALL waste collected at an OFF-SITE location

For your convenience, pet waste removal services are provided at the same time as your weekly pool cleaning services. This new add-on service for existing customers only.

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A Team You Can Trust On Your Property

Since we already service your pools, you know you can trust our team of screened and background-checked employees. Rest assured; we respect and care for your property just like we would our own.

A Clean Fresh Yard Every Week

We will remove all pet waste from your yard, so you and your family can enjoy your pool and your outdoor space without worrying about stepping in anything or contaminating your yard.

A Local Dog Poop Pick-Up Service In Your Neighborhood

At Lone Wolf Pools, we keep our service area small (The Heights, Memorial, and River Oaks in Houston) to provide the best service to our customers.

Here's The Scoop

  1. Give us a call or contact us to sign up for add-on pet waste removal services.
  2. For just $120/week, in addition to your pool cleaning, we will add our new service to your regularly scheduled pool cleaning services.
  3. Enjoy a clean pool and a poo-free yard.

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Frequently Asked Pooper Scooper Service Questions

We have found that pet owners have questions about our scooping services. Here are some of our most popular questions about our dog poop removal services.

Do You Scoop Poop All Year Long?

Your dog poos all year, so we scoop all year.

How Much Does My Dog Really Poop?

Great question- and you might be surprised by the answer.

  • According to The University of Washington, the average dog poos between .5 and .75 pounds of waste per day; which could be as much as 5.25 pounds of poo per week, 157.5 pounds of poo per month, and 1,890 pounds per year!
  • Additionally, one gram of dog waste has nearly twice the amount of coliform bacteria as human waste because their diets differ greatly from humans.

How Do You Make Sure You Get All of The Poop?

We've had a lot of experience cleaning poop. We walk your yard in a grid-like path, so we are certain not to miss one pile of poo.

Can I Leave My Dogs Outside While You Scoop?

As long as your dogs are friendly and do not cause disruption to us completing our job, we are happy to have your furry friend join us outside while we work.

Will You Scoop Deer or Goose Poop?

We know many Texas subdivisions and neighborhoods have quite the population of deer and geese. We are happy to scoop their poo too.

Lone Wolf Pools

We strive to bring Houston homeowners the most complete service possible.

Please feel free to reach out via text at 713-527-2710 to register or signup to begin your new service.

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