We’ll fix your pool, so you can just chill-out in the water.

At the end of a long day at work, nothing sounds better than grabbing a cold beverage from the fridge and floating on your comfy pool chair.

So when you arrive at home and discover that your pool is filthy because of a broken filter or the water is cold because the heater is broken, you need a solution fast. That’s why Lone Wolf Pools offers next-day pool equipment repairs in River Oaks, The Heights, Memorial. Our job is to help you enjoy your pool again quickly.

We’re a luxury pool repair company in Houston, TX offering the highest quality pool service you’ll find in the area.

If your pool equipment isn’t working properly, contact us today. We are located in The Heights and are always only a few minutes away from your neighborhood.

We Do Pool Repair The Right Way

A Team You Can Trust
On Your Property

Every team member at Lone Wolf Pools is background checked and trained to maintain your pool, care for your property, and respect your privacy.

A Pool You Can Enjoy
When You Want

You deserve to enjoy your pool whenever you want. We provide pool repair in Houston, TX right away so you can get back to relaxing in the water.

A Pool Repair Company
In Your Neighborhood

We are located in The Heights in Houston and serve The Heights, Memorial, and River Oaks. We’re never more than 10 minutes away when you need us.

We Make Pool Repair Easy

  1. Request a quote
    Call, text, or submit a contact form. We’ll answer your repair request ASAP.
  2. Get next-day service
    We work hard to repair your pool within 24 hours so you don’t have to stress.
  3. Enjoy your pool again
    Pour yourself a margarita and lounge in the pool hammock. You deserve it.

Never worry about pool repairs again with our VIP Pool Service Plan.

The reason you own a pool is to escape stress and leave your worries behind. But maintaining a pool is also a lot of work. That’s why at Lone Wolf Pools, we’ve created the VIP Pool Service Plan, so you never waste another minute dealing with pool upkeep.

Our VIP Pool Service Plan offers much more than weekly cleaning and maintenance. When you subscribe to the VIP plan, we cover everything above ground. From equipment repairs to weekly cleaning to deck maintenance, your pool is fully covered.

Without a comprehensive maintenance plan, your pool, which is meant to let you escape stress, becomes just another source of it.

But with a VIP Pool Service Plan, you will:

  • Protect your pool
  • Skip the line when you need service
  • Pay nothing for pool repairs
  • Get weekly cleaning and maintenance included
  • And more

Contact us to get a quote for your VIP Pool Maintenance Plan. Prices vary based on pool size.

Pool Repairs

Pool Pump Repair

If your pool pump is not working correctly, it can produce a domino effect and cause harm to your other pool equipment. Common symptoms of pool pump issues include odd sounds, loss of suction, a dirty pool, and a pump that keeps shutting off. If you need pool pump service in the Houston area, give us a call.

Pool Filter Repair

If you have filter problems, you may find yourself swimming in a filthy pool soon. A poorly filtered pool isn’t just gross and unappealing. It actually can cause health issues. Contact us today if you believe your filter isn’t working.

Heater Repairs

Even in the hot Texas summer, a swimming pool can be very cold. Few things are worse than dividing into a pool you think is heated only to discover you are swimming in the arctic. If your pool heater isn’t keeping your pool warm, we can help.

Salt System Repairs

If you have a salt system that has failed, it can cause a lot of big problems in your pool. Your water could become dirty, unsanitized, and even begin to form algae. It can also corrode parts of your pool, leading to other costly repairs.

LED Lighting Repairs

If you haven’t tried swimming after sundown, you’re missing out. If your LEDs have burned out, broken, or water has settled behind the glass, contact our pool repair company in Houston today.

And More

We handle all pool equipment problems. If you’re looking for a trustworthy pool company in Houston, contact us today. We’ll schedule a service call and get your pool fixed in no time so you can chill-out in the water.